If You’re Not a Member, Join Indivisible Now, Please

By Catbase M / November 26, 2018

Are you familiar with Indivisible? They’re one of the big reasons why the Democrats won so many seats in 2018.  Indivisible was established as a powerful grass-roots organization right after teh 1026 election.  Now that we have many new leaders, Indivisible is working to lead the way forward.  Join here.

This is what Indivisible is saying:

In 2019, the next Congress will feature a new generation of brave, diverse leaders.

Offense is exciting, but it’s more complex than defense. We have the opportunity to use congressional oversight to hold Trump and his cronies accountable. We can set the legislative agenda with a progressive vision rooted in inclusion, fairness, and justice. But none of this is automatic — we must demand it of Congress.

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