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Send a Postcard to Congress, telling them to Do Better!

By Catbase M / January 23, 2019

We sure hope that you’re calling the Senate (202-225-3121 is their direct line) and giving them a piece of your mind. But you can also write postcards! Cards to Congress has cards you can print out, and it’s easy to get started. Go ahead and tell your congressperson (Or Mitch McConnell) what you think of […]


If You’re Not a Member, Join Indivisible Now, Please

By Catbase M / November 26, 2018

Are you familiar with Indivisible? They’re one of the big reasons why the Democrats won so many seats in 2018.  Indivisible was established as a powerful grass-roots organization right after teh 1026 election.  Now that we have many new leaders, Indivisible is working to lead the way forward.  Join here. This is what Indivisible is […]


Apps Help You Boycott Trump, Kochs Painlessly

By kitchentableactivism_1 / February 8, 2018

Every day, Americans give millions of dollars to the companies of people who are deliberately working against them. The path to a capitalist’s ear is through their wallet.  Or at least it’s a language they’ll listen to. Democrats and moderates are a minority in Congress, and it’s easy to feel as though the ordinary person […]


What is WhatCanIDo.US Doing?

By Kitchen Table Staff / January 26, 2018

WHAT WE SEE We’re dismayed at how confusing the political situation is.  This is deliberate.  Divided attention makes us ineffective.  Emotion makes us ineffective. Studies even show us that Facebook makes us ineffective. We’re flooded with upsetting stories every day, pulled in every direction. These tactics keep us off-balance. And if enough people are disgusted […]


Welcome! Now Let’s Take Back Our Country.

By Kitchen Table Staff / December 31, 2017

Welcome to the What Can I Do Blog.  We started this effort because in order to take back our country, we will have to keep activism right in the front of our brains.  It will have to color our actions and priorities and we will have to make conscious decisions to support Democracy.  We have […]