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How Do You Get Rid of a Dictator? It’s Time to Learn
Hello everyone: Since Trump was elected, brilliant people have written advice from many other countries who were beset by fascism[...]
Follow the Political Charge Blog for Smart Summaries & Information You Need
We all follow too much corporate media.  Or we follow professionals or bloggers who have specialties. Tokyo Sand is a[...]
Is There an Election in Your State on November 5? Voting Guides Here!
The GOP wants to control states. If enough GOP Governors are elected, they want to amend the constitution. Don't let[...]
Track and Respond to Bills in Your State!
Many states are passing legislation that can restrict voters' rights and cause other damage.  Demand the Vote has partnered with[...]
Rogans List Educates You About What’s Going On and How to Respond
Rogan's List is written by Susan Rogan, a retired research librarian, and her staff.  In today's world, it's a better read[...]
Sign up for a Daily Action Text Message
When you subscribe to Daily Action, you get a free way to fight back and register daily opposition to the[...]
Join an Indivisible Group in Your Town
Are you familar with the Indivisible organization?  Indivisible was founded by a group of ex-congressional staffers who watched as the[...]
Learn about Propaganda
We've always talked about hidden messages in Coke ads, but this is the real thing.  There are millions of Russian[...]
Lists of all Resistance Candidates in 2018
Best List for Candidates.  Created 2/11/2018 Elizabeth Cronin McGlaughlin is an attorney and a former professor at Columbia University of[...]
Who Should You Follow on Twitter? (2 of 2)
If you've just read the Learning How to Use Twitter post, and gotten up on Twitter, you now need to follow people,[...]
Listen to a Political Podcast
We're really not finished looking for the best political podcasts, and the search will probably never end.  Before we start[...]

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