Live in a Blue State? Adopt a (Red) State Now
With more people living on the coasts, many people feel that they're not represented by voting.  Now you have an[...]
Join Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action Organization, to Protect Voting Rights
Got a minute?  Protecting our freedom and ability to vote is one of the most important issues that threatens us,[...]
Join Moveon’s 2020 Election Program
Have you joined MoveOn yet?  You should.  They're rolling out a great way for you to make a difference and[...]
Pressure Wall Street to Stop Climate Crisis
Activists are starting to pressure Wall Street to stop funding oil.  It's a smart move, and you should join. This[...]
DemCast Brings a Voice and Media Power to Voters: Join Them
Developing grassroots media: by the people and for the people. We're in the middle of an information war.  To win[...]
Join Data for Democracy to Volunteer
Data for Democracy is a group of 4,000 volunteers and data scientists from around the globe.  They support Democracy in[...]
How to Help Democrats Win the Senate
It can be overwhelming to try to support conservative challengers and blue candidates in an election that's pretty far away.[...]
In 2020, Retake the Senate & Strengthen the House!
If you're looking for a place to put your energy right now, please take a good look at SwingLeft. SwingLeft[...]
If You Aren’t a Member, Please Join Indivisible Now
Are you familiar with Indivisible? They're one of the big reasons why the Democrats won so many seats in 2018. [...]
Please Start Now, Helping Flip State Legislatures
With thank you to 5 Calls, for the great ideas... As we get closer to the election, don't let yourself[...]
Find a March or Action Near You
What are you doing this weekend?  Why not check to see if there's a march you can attend?  Indivisible helps[...]
Sign up for a Daily Action Text Message
When you subscribe to Daily Action, you get a free way to fight back and register daily opposition to the[...]
Join an Indivisible Group in Your Town
Are you familar with the Indivisible organization?  Indivisible was founded by a group of ex-congressional staffers who watched as the[...]
Support the Fight for Gun Control
In February of 2018, the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense group saw their membership skyrocket.  The Brady Campaign to[...]
Find and Join At Least One Large Resistance Organization
Although as individuals, most of us try hard to stand against fascism, racism, and the GOP, we cannot fight alone. [...]
Who Should You Follow on Twitter? (2 of 2)
If you've just read the Learning How to Use Twitter post, and gotten up on Twitter, you now need to follow people,[...]
Learning Twitter: How to Start (1 of 2)
There are several steps to using Twitter, and often, people lump them all together.  We give you the slow approach. [...]

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