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Know What to Do.

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What Can I Do?

Don’t just read the news with a sinking heart.  Understand how you can spend some time today — right now — making a difference.

Where’s The Information?

We give you the information that you need in order to act.

We’re Curating Resistance Actions for Ordinary People

Is this you?

I already call my legislators, but I want to do more. Where did I put that article?

Your Daily Actions Matter

Effective Resistance is more than one action a day.  It’s when you add resistance to your life.  What you buy, what you do, where you send money, and what you do socially. You don’t have to be angry to be effective. Just aware and informed.

Informed, not Overwhelmed

News flies by, whether its on TV, email, or Facebook. We were created to connect you with actions. We got sick of hearing ourselves and our friends repeating “what can I do?”  There ARE things we can do. And they’re effective.

Add Your Voice to a Group

Thousands of organizations have been created since 2016 to resist.  If you join one, you can make your voice more powerful. You might even find some new friends! We introduce groups without overwhelming you.

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Your Efforts Matter. 

To win in 2018 and beyond, we have to reach out to one another — and we can help. The Action Guide tells you what you can do, today. We profile amazing people and organizations, and we help make your resistance effective. Join us!

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