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People to Follow

Use 5Calls to call Lawmakers and Demand an end to the #TrumpShutdown and #NoWall!
The 5Calls website helps you make five calls a day.  They give you a script and contact information, and help[...]
Tell Congress: Draw Up Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
The Action Network has a goal of 51,200 letters to send to congress, demanding that our representatives draw up letters[...]
Track and Respond to Bills in Your State!
Many states are passing legislation that can restrict voters' rights and cause other damage.  Demand the Vote has partnered with[...]
Use 5Calls Website to Organize While You Call Congress
Every day, we hear about new drastic, punitive, mean-spirited, and irrational actions that the regime has taken.  The latest one[...]
Use Grab Your Wallet to Boycott Effectively
Boycotts can be very effective. Just ask Ivanka Trump.  Please consider using boycotts and your own money to send a[...]
Rogans List Educates You About What’s Going On and How to Respond
Rogan's List is written by Susan Rogan, a retired research librarian, and her staff.  In today's world, it's a better read[...]
FaxZero Sends 5 Free Political Faxes a Day to Senators or Reps – Do it!
If your Senator isn't answering the door or phones, well guess what? They'll get a fax!  This is a great[...]
Sign up for a Daily Action Text Message
When you subscribe to Daily Action, you get a free way to fight back and register daily opposition to the[...]
Join an Indivisible Group in Your Town
Are you familar with the Indivisible organization?  Indivisible was founded by a group of ex-congressional staffers who watched as the[...]
Learn about Propaganda
We've always talked about hidden messages in Coke ads, but this is the real thing.  There are millions of Russian[...]
Tell Your Membership Organizations and Churches to Speak Up
At this period of time, the organizations that you belong to should not be silent.  To stand silent as America[...]
Lists of all Resistance Candidates in 2018
Best List for Candidates.  Created 2/11/2018 Elizabeth Cronin McGlaughlin is an attorney and a former professor at Columbia University of[...]
Understand Trump and the Law with Resistance Live
Take a look at the Resistance Live video, which is presented and produced by Elizabeth Cronise McGlaughlin. McGlaughlin, CEO of[...]
Who Should You Follow on Twitter? (2 of 2)
If you've just read the Learning How to Use Twitter post, and gotten up on Twitter, you now need to follow people,[...]
Learning Twitter: How to Start (1 of 2)
There are several steps to using Twitter, and often, people lump them all together.  We give you the slow approach. [...]
Have Your Messages Hand-Delivered to Your Senator’s DC Offices: OPEN GOVERNMENT! #NO WALL!
Stampslicked is an organization that will hand-deliver your messages to your Senator's DC office. Just click to go to their[...]
Listen to a Political Podcast
We're really not finished looking for the best political podcasts, and the search will probably never end.  Before we start[...]