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Tell Congress to Save the Post Office!
Trump and the GOP really are trying to destroy the Post office. GOP Congress already tried to bankrupt the Post[...]
You’re Home for COVID19. So Tell the Government Your Opinion!
Do you feel that Trump and the GOP have handled the COVID-19 situation poorly? Are they doing something awful today? [...]
Problems Voting? Call These Numbers. PASS IT ON
So what do you do if you encounter problems voting? The national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition works to help voters[...]
Contact Congress and Tell Them to Stop Trump
It's important right now, more than ever, that every one of us flood our elected representatives with feedback, telling them[...]
Hey Patriots! Get on the Phone and Talk Blue Wave!
Hello everyone!  We all know that the only way for us to win is to get everyone possible to vote,[...]
Countable’s Custom Action Center Helps You Contact Congress
Your feedback to Congress really matters.  In today's political environment, the GOP has deliberately set up so many situations that[...]
Push the FDA to Fight the Opioid Epidemic.
In the battle against the opioid epidemic, addiction is still winning, all of America is losing, and the FDA isn't[...]
Send Hand-Delivered Messages to Congress
Are you frustrated that your members of Congress aren't holding town halls, aren't answering their phones, and are letting their[...]
Cheat Sheet: Contacting People Who Run Your Government
Those people in Washington DC need to hear from you. Every day, their attention is taken up by billionaires, lobbyists[...]
Use 5Calls to call Lawmakers
We all know that we need to call our legislators.  The 5Calls website makes it easy. Founded by a husband-wife[...]
Use 5Calls Website to Organize While You Call Congress
Every day, we hear about new drastic, punitive, mean-spirited, and irrational actions that the regime has taken.  The latest one[...]
FaxZero Sends 5 Free Political Faxes a Day to Senators or Reps – Do it!
If your Senator isn't answering the door or phones, well guess what? They'll get a fax!  This is a great[...]
Tell Your Membership Organizations and Churches to Speak Up
At this period of time, the organizations that you belong to should not be silent.  To stand silent as America[...]
Understand Trump and the Law with Resistance Live
Take a look at the Resistance Live video, which is presented and produced by Elizabeth Cronise McGlaughlin. McGlaughlin, CEO of[...]
Who Should You Follow on Twitter? (2 of 2)
If you've just read the Learning How to Use Twitter post, and gotten up on Twitter, you now need to follow people,[...]
Learning Twitter: How to Start (1 of 2)
There are several steps to using Twitter, and often, people lump them all together.  We give you the slow approach. [...]
Have Your Messages Hand-Delivered to Your Senator’s DC Offices: OPEN GOVERNMENT! #NO WALL!
Stampslicked is an organization that will hand-deliver your messages to your Senator's DC office. Just click to go to their[...]

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