Keep Pelosi as House Leader – Tweet Now!

We know the drill.  If we don’t like something that our leaders are doing, we call to let them know. Especially right now, when so many of the newly elected were elected with a LOT of our help.

We’re hearing about how incoming House Representatives are trying to depose Nancy Pelosi.  They don’t have a replacement for her, they just want her out.  This will lead to Democrats having a less-experienced, possibly more centrist House Leader.

None of the hundreds of “contact your Representative” organizations have come out with an easy-to-use call-list for calling representatives, but you MUST if you want to give your newly-elected representatives your feedback. We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be putting phone numbers onto this document – as we find them.  The problem is that many of these newly-elected Reps don’t yet have published phone numbers!

For now, this Google Doc is listing twitter handles.  We’ll add other information when we get it. (Please tweet it to us at @activism4us)

And here are the twitter handles of the Reps who have signed the anti-Pelosi letter.

@ABrindisiNY, @repjimcooper, @joecunninghamsc, @repbillfoster, @repbillfoster, @sethmoulton, @repstephenlynch, @repkathleenrice, @repperlmutter, @maxrose4ny, @reptimryan, @replindasanchez, @repschrader, @vandrewfornj, @benmcadams, @repmarciafudge