Lock Your Phone if You Might be Arrested

In today’s world, arresting officers have started taking people’s cellphones and downloading all sorts of information from them without permission, even if you’re a mom marching in the Women’s March.  Nobody wants this to happen.  This article tells you how to prepare your cellphone if you might get arrested while protesting.   It encourages you to:

  • Leave your phone at home
  • Encrypt your phone with a passcode
  • Turn off Touch ID
  • Use an encrypted messaging app, like Signal or WhatsApp.
  • Don’t use your usual social media account if you’re posting footage of disruptive behavior.
  • If you get arrested, don’t post to Facebook until after you’ve spoken with a lawyer.

Other things to remember:

Don’t talk to the police.

The National Lawyer’s Guild hotline is 202-670-6866

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