Join Michelle Obama and Register Every American to Vote

By Kitchen Table Staff / January 24, 2020

It’s your right, and the right of others to vote.  That’s why we need to register every single American to vote.  In the face of crushing levels of voter suppression, we, the people need to stand up, stand together, and we need to help register others. Click here to join Michelle Obama’s When We All […]


Write Postcards for Candidates and for Change

By Kitchen Table Staff / January 22, 2020

Starting now, please consider making time in your life for the occasional weekly friend get-together wine-and-postcard party!  Unlike almost any other volunteer activity, you can write postcards from your own house (or local coffee shop), while chatting with friends!  Postcards are a great way to reach out to voters, and they can really help. Volunteers […]


Donate to Unseat The Most Visibly Awful GOP Legislators

By kitchentableactivism_1 / January 18, 2020

The impeachment has shown us a whole batch of GOP legislators who should be voted out.  But how can we remember them? We made this handy-dandy page so you can remember who to send money to.  Blue wave time, everyone! Note: This post just lists the MOST obnoxious GOP off the top of our list.  […]