Use Automation to Pressure Legislators

OK everybody.  We know that you’re tired, and that the relentless drum of anti-American actions is both exhausting and overwhelming.  But that’s why it’s time to start automating your feedback to the Senate.  Please do NOT stop calling them, emailing them, and sending them information.

All of these organizations provide automated services to help take most of the work out of contracting Congress and other legislators.

Sign up for one of the following services.  The service will tell you where you can protest most effectively today and will let you click a button to send your feedback.  KEEP DOING THIS.

It’s important to keep giving feedback.

Tell them what you think of Trump and the GOP.

Flood them with calls.

Help them stay the course.

Remind them that GOP and Trump’s actions, are taken with the protest of MOST OF AMERICAN VOTERS.

Remember: Legislators count every phone call and interaction.

Here are some of the many ways to contact legislators. Each of these links goes to an organization that is dedicated to connecting voters and politicians. Help them do their jobs! turns your texts into letters to your legislator.  They’re the easiest way to contact.

You can use the Countable Custom Action Center.

You can use the 5Calls app, which helps you make 5 phone calls a day.

You can sign up for the Daily Action text message.

You can use FaxZero to send 5 free political faxes a day.

You can even send hand-delivered messages to Congress, via Herd on the Hill.

And you can join the Indivisible organization, whose members get together for action items every week.

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