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Contact Congress and Demand Impeachment Now

By kitchentableactivism_1 / September 25, 2019

It’s September 25, 2019, and the Democrats have started impeachment proceedings against Trump.  It’s important right now, more than ever, that every one of us flood our elected representatives with feedback, telling them what we want.  Help them stay the course.  Help them change their minds and vote for impeachment.  But it is time to […]


Use 5Calls to call Lawmakers

By Kitchen Table Staff / January 23, 2019

The 5Calls website helps you make five calls a day.  They give you a script and contact information, and help keep you organized.  Users suggest signing up, because it will keep you involved and pushing, without having to think about it.  5Calls make calling incredibly easy, and they send you a mail alert once a […]


Use 5Calls Website to Organize While You Call Congress

By Kitchen Table Staff / July 25, 2018

Every day, we hear about new drastic, punitive, mean-spirited, and irrational actions that the regime has taken.  The latest one is removing protection for endangered species.  Who does that?  And why? Simple.  It’s part of a strategy to keep all of us off-balance.  If we’re emotional and reactive, we’re not effective at to move together […]