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How Do You Get Rid of a Dictator? It’s Time to Learn

By kitchentableactivism_1 / December 31, 2019

Hello everyone: Since Trump was elected, brilliant people have written advice from many other countries who were beset by fascism and nationalism.  We’ll be putting some of the links onto this page. The first one is a book written by Gene Sharp, who helped citizens resist the Serbian dictator.  It’s called The Citizens Handbook: How […]


Track and Respond to Bills in Your State!

By Kitchen Table Staff / September 27, 2018

Many states are passing legislation that can restrict voters’ rights and cause other damage.  Demand the Vote has partnered with Bill50 to let you sign up and track what is going on in your state, so that you can help respond and get your input to legislators. See what bills are pending in your state […]


Rogans List Educates You About What’s Going On and How to Respond

By Kitchen Table Staff / July 25, 2018

Rogan’s List is written by Susan Rogan, a retired research librarian, and her staff.  In today’s world, it’s a better read than much of the news. Rogan’s list contains a run-down of recent regime activities, and includes action tips for readers.  If you combine her list with the “contact your Senator” tools that we list in […]


Sign up for a Daily Action Text Message

By Kitchen Table Staff / July 23, 2018

When you subscribe to Daily Action, you get a free way to fight back and register daily opposition to the actions of the current administration. Daily Action was created by mom and activist Laura Moser, who says “this election showed us that we all need to do more. Daily Action makes it easy. You can […]


Join an Indivisible Group in Your Town

By Kitchen Table Staff / July 20, 2018

Are you familar with the Indivisible organization?  Indivisible was founded by a group of ex-congressional staffers who watched as the Tea Party people rose up against government in 2009/2010, bringing in our current crop of extremists. Indivisible founders watched as the Tea Party activists worked together to get responses from lawmakers, and then they went […]


Learn about Propaganda

By Kitchen Table Staff / July 12, 2018

We’ve always talked about hidden messages in Coke ads, but this is the real thing.  There are millions of Russian bots, tweeting fake messages into our country.  Fox news people, acting as “state news,” are regularly lying to the American people. Why? Please take a bit of time to learn about propaganda.  This microsite is […]


Lists of all Resistance Candidates in 2018

By Kitchen Table Staff / February 12, 2018

Best List for Candidates.  Created 2/11/2018 Elizabeth Cronin McGlaughlin is an attorney and a former professor at Columbia University of Law.  She is profiled in this blog post.  Her team at Gaia has just finished researching and vetting a comprehensive list of resistance candidates in the USA for 2018.  We highly suggest this list as a source […]


Who Should You Follow on Twitter? (2 of 2)

By Kitchen Table Staff / February 4, 2018

If you’ve just read the Learning How to Use Twitter post, and gotten up on Twitter, you now need to follow people, in order to see any tweets on your home page.  We’ve got you covered!  We made a special Starter Pack Resistance list of people, just for you! This post tells you how to find the […]

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