How to Help Democrats Win the Senate

By Kitchen Table Staff / June 25, 2019

It can be overwhelming to try to support conservative challengers and blue candidates in an election that’s pretty far away. Here are some tools to help. Here’s the 2020 Senate map, telling you which prospective Senate elections to watch in 2020. Swing Left and FlippableSwing Left has partnered with Flippable to focus on 11 Super […]


Push the FDA to Fight the Opioid Epidemic.

By Kitchen Table Staff / June 15, 2019

In the battle against the opioid epidemic, addiction is still winning, all of America is losing, and the FDA isn’t doing its part to fight the crisis. Trump’s FDA is shelving the development of recovery drugs, and avoiding accountability. Americans want the FDA to do better. The Wake Up FDA website helps you join with […]


Donate to Support Women’s Choice in Missouri

By Kitchen Table Staff / June 13, 2019

On May 17, the Missouri legislature passed HB 126 — an unconstitutional, complete ban on abortion. We are now in the middle of a concerted effort by GOP to restrict, challenge, and remove the constitutional right to abortion access. Here’s a fact page about the situation from Amnesty International. 73% of Americans want abortions to […]


In 2020, Retake the Senate & Strengthen the House!

By Kitchen Table Staff / June 2, 2019

If you’re looking for a place to put your energy right now, please take a good look at SwingLeft. SwingLeft helps you find actions with the most impact — with a goal of retaking the Senate and strengthening Democratic House Control. Here’s the best link to sign up for SwingLeft. You can also follow Swing […]