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Even if you’re a Kindergarten teacher, a boy scout, or just a nice middle-aged (or older) gardening citizen, this year you might find yourself marching in one of the protest marches.  If you do this, it’s a good idea to set your camera up to record any interactions, and to immediately broadcast them onto the internet.  How do you do it?

Live Streaming with Facebook Live

Many people use Facebook Live and Periscope, as the Democrats did during their sit-in to vote for a gun control bill recently.  Facebook can use your existing Facebook friend base, for wide distribution, but Periscope is a great way to put your video onto Twitter.  Here’s a comparison.

Directions for using Facebook Live.

Directions for using Periscope.

Apps Made to Track Police Stops

In addition to live feeds, you can use apps made to tape harassment.  One of these is the Mobile Justice App, which was developed by the ACLU, and lets you track every aspect of a police interaction.  Mobile Justice App also contains a description of your rights.

This page tells you laws that pertain to taping for each state.

Here is a page showing more apps you can use, including Cop Block and I’m Getting Arrested.

Recording Policemen

Although you might have the right to record a policeman, knowing the least-antagonistic way to deal with police is an excellent skill to have. Steve Silverman wrote a must-read article outlining 7 rules for recording police. Silverman’s article explains the following rules:

  • Know the law
  • Don’t secretly record the police
  • Speak carefully and respectfully
  • Don’t share your video with the police
  • Prepare to be arrested
  • Master your technology
  • Don’t point your camera like a gun

Remember: civil disobedience is your right and sometimes even your responsibility.  Stay safe, stay informed, and thank you for your action.

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