Create a Welcoming Community in Your Town

The very foundations of our country are under attack when our President and others target immigrants. Most of us are descended from immigrants, and it’s important that we keep fighting back every day, as much as we can.

While we can certainly speak up when we see bigotry, send money to organizations that help immigrants, teach our children about immigrant culture, and talk with our friends, the Welcome All project gives us ideas for weaving pro-community actions into everyday life. If you are in a parents’ group, church or temple, reading club, or a community organization, please download the Welcome All toolkit for tools and tips on building a more welcoming culture.

Welcome All seeks to counter growing xenophobia by sharing stories that belong to today’s immigrants, and by sharing information that helps people to know and understand others. They have many partner organizations and a media club.

The Welcome All Media Tips has recommendations of books to read and shows to watch. You can also join up with Welcome All by following them on Twitter at @WelcomeALL_comm, or their Facebook page.

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