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Hey America: Let’s Fight This

By Kitchen Table Staff / May 2, 2019

When Trump was elected, back in 2016, the entire country was first shocked, then erupted in resistance effort., By the end of 2017, there were thousands of new resistance organizations. Organizations such as Indivisible, a grassroots resistance movement that now has a group in every town, and a blueprint for success, SwingLeft, which is focused […]


Use 5Calls to call Lawmakers

By Kitchen Table Staff / January 23, 2019

We all know that we need to call our legislators.  The 5Calls website makes it easy. Founded by a husband-wife team, 5 Calls does the research for each issue, determining which representatives are most influential for which topic, collects phone numbers for those offices and writes scripts that clearly articulate a progressive position. You just […]


Donate to the Innocence Project

By Kitchen Table Staff / November 26, 2018

The Innocence project exonerates wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system. The Innocence project has helped restore liberty to hundreds of innocent people while reforming laws and judicial practices.  Donate to celebrate 25 years here.


Donate to Help Feed Refugee Families

By Kitchen Table Staff / November 3, 2018

We’re all watching the caravans full of asylum seekers and migrants make their painful way towards America.  Here are some places you can donate to help as these people come to America to legally to enter our country. Donate here to help feed refugee families. Donate to the organization that organizes these caravans here: Pueblos sin […]


Donate to Tree of Life Synagogue Victims

By Kitchen Table Staff / October 29, 2018

Donate to victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting by clicking here.  GoFundMe pages are safe, and the Tree of Life synagogue is registered as the recipient of all donations. In addition, two Muslim-American organizations have collected over one hundred thousand dollars for the victims and their families.  Donate to Muslims Unite for Pittsburth […]


Donate to HIAS in Memory of the Tree of Life Synagogue Hate Murders

By Kitchen Table Staff / October 27, 2018

“The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has been reported as a source of the anti-Semitic rage of the man allegedly responsible for killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The organization was an expression of the achievement of American Jewry. There has been only a small trickle of Jewish immigrants to aid since the exodus […]


Donate Now – Get Voters Involved in the Closest Races!

By Kitchen Table Staff / October 24, 2018

Help These Close Races! FiveThirtyEight.com tells us that these are the 3 closest races in the upcoming election.  You can donate to the candidates, donate to a texting get-out-the-vote push targeting the races, or you can sign up to do some texting yourself! Amy McGarth (KY-6) (Lieutenant Colonel , US Marine Force, Ret.) : within […]


Please Start Now, Helping Flip State Legislatures

By Kitchen Table Staff / October 15, 2018

With thank you to 5 Calls, for the great ideas… As we get closer to the election, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  Focus by selecting one race in your area, joining their campaign, and helping them.  The most effective things to do are: send postcards, canvass for a candidate, and phone bank. To select a […]


Register People to Vote at Concerts, Music Festivals, and Events!

By Kitchen Table Staff / October 2, 2018

Join HeadCount and register your friends!  You can also register people to vote at concerts, music festivals, and events.  Sign up here. HeadCount has a network of over 20,000 volunteers and has registered over a half million voters since 2004. They run street teams and social action villages.  Board of directors includes Bob Weir of the […]


Help People Get ID’s to Vote!

By Kitchen Table Staff / September 27, 2018

We’re seeing more voter suppression than ever.  One effective voter suppression technique is requiring hard-to-get ID’s before people are allowed to vote. Fight voter suppression.  SpreadTheVote helps people get voter IDs.  Click to donate, volunteer, or get an ID. Does your state require a photo ID to vote? See it here.  Find out what ID you need […]

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