Hey Patriots! Get on the Phone and Talk Blue Wave!

Hello everyone!  We all know that the only way for us to win is to get everyone possible to vote, and vote blue.  We won’t win this battle behind our keyboards. So in addition to writing postcards and canvassing, one of the most effective things to do it to phone your fellow Americans.

Please join up with  MobilizeAmerica. They will connect you with a high-impact campaign any area you wish.  Perhaps you wish to make calls in a state that is having elections tomorrow?  Or you can choose to support an organization’s call efforts.

Mobilize America points you in the right direction.  Simple and no searching. Click Here to Start Phoning. Please, if you haven’t tried it, give phone banking a try.  They give you a script, it’s simple, and you’ll talk with people who are selected as a good audience.

It’s time to start mobilizing.  Click Here to do it.

Follow Mobilize America at @LetsMobilizeUS.

Mobilize America Facebook page has great videos!

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