How to Help Democrats Win the Senate

It can be overwhelming to try to support conservative challengers and blue candidates in an election that’s pretty far away. Here are some tools to help.

Here’s the 2020 Senate map, telling you which prospective Senate elections to watch in 2020.

Swing Left and Flippable
Swing Left has partnered with Flippable to focus on 11 Super States in 2020. Blue results in those 11 states would flip control of power in Washington back to Blue. Go to this page and enter your zipcode to volunteer and fight today.

The Swing Left website lets you join a group near you, find an event near you, or donate to the eventual Democratic nominee, no matter who it is. Follow Swing Left on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Donate to Flippable here, or follow them on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

Here’s how SwingLeft was successful in 2018, . In 2018, Flippable supported more than 130 candidates. Here’s what happened. But our fight will be even harder in 2020.

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