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On May 17, the Missouri legislature passed HB 126 — an unconstitutional, complete ban on abortion. We are now in the middle of a concerted effort by GOP to restrict, challenge, and remove the constitutional right to abortion access. Here’s a fact page about the situation from Amnesty International.

  • 73% of Americans want abortions to remain safe and legal
  • These laws are discriminatory
  • The new laws will cause death and injuries

Where to Donate

In Missouri, the only clinic to provide abortions is Planned Parenthood’s Reproductive Health Services, and the Planned Parenthood advocates, @PPMO_Advocates, are leading the in-state fight for choice. You can donate to the Missouri PP advocate fighters here, and here’s their Facebook page.

National Network of Abortion Funds helps remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. Twitter is @AbortionFunds and Facebook is here.

NNAF is an umbrella organization, which allows you to donate to many funds in many different states.

The Gateway Women’s Access Fund, affiliated with NNAF, helps women from Missouri to afford abortions. Donate here. Twitter is: @GWAFund Facebook page.

ACLU Missouri is also leading the fight for reproductive rights in Missouri. Join the fight by signing up to volunteer on this page, and donate here.

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