If You Aren’t a Member, Please Join Indivisible Now

Are you familiar with Indivisible? They’re one of the big reasons why the Democrats won so many seats in 2018.  Indivisible was established as a powerful grass-roots organization right after the 1026 election.  Now that we have many new leaders, Indivisible is working to lead the way forward.  Join here.

As we get ready for the 2020 elections, it will take every single one of us to get people we know registered, informed, and to the polls. Our country is under siege in a real information war, and the most effective way to combat poison articles in televisions, online, and paper media, is through face to face interactions. You, and the rest of us, will need to convince GOP and undecided voters that Americans share goals, Blue candidates fulfill our needs best, and that helping one another is a good thing to do.

Indivisible has established local groups all through the country. Find your local group here.

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