DemCast Brings a Voice and Media Power to Voters: Join Them

Developing grassroots media: by the people and for the people.

We’re in the middle of an information war.  To win back our country, Americans need to be better educated in how to communicate effectively and empower one another.  A digitally-empowered American Public can fight back against disinformation, and reach out to their neighbors about real issues.

DemCast is a nonprofit whose goal is:

To cultivate, amplify & maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America.

One of the excellent organizations that can help you get better at producing content and amplifying messages is DemCast. DemCast amplifies the voices of Americans, speaking up and working together to fight for free elections and representation.  It’s a way to empower thousands of light beacons to can spark a blue wave.

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