Cheat Sheet: Contacting People Who Run Your Government

Those people in Washington DC need to hear from you. Every day, their attention is taken up by billionaires, lobbyists (oil? coal? big pharma? you bet!), loudmouthed Fox hosts, celebrities, and Twitter posters. But YOU are who they are representing.

Together, our voices can make sure that the people are represented, and that our officials have to account for their votes. This is immensely powerful. Please become a part of it.

Make your government listen. Contact them with great frequency, and tell them what you want. Look through other posts on this website for tools that will help you automate your outreach. But this page gives you simple contact information, for when you just need it, fast.

Contacting Your Elected and Appointed Officials – Federal Level

President — You can call the White House at 202-456-1414, or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours. Here’s an online contact form.

Contact information for US Senators

Contact information for US Representatives.

Contacting Trump’s Cabinet — Unlike Congress, there is no simple, government-supplied link for reaching out and giving feedback to Trump’s cabinet members. But Indivisible Bend has put together a contact sheet for Trump’s cabinet. Because of the frequent hirings and firings, people on the contact list are somewhat outdated, but the phone number and web contact information remain the same.

Contacting Officials at the State and Local Levels

Contacting your governor

Contacting your state attorney’s general

Contacting your state government

Contacting your local government

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