Tell Your Membership Organizations and Churches to Speak Up

At this period of time, the organizations that you belong to should not be silent.  To stand silent as America jails babies is to be complicit in treating people as though they are less than human.  As a member of an organization, it is important to speak up.

Chances are that you belong to an alumni organization or two.  That you belong to a professional organization, to a community organization.  Take note of what your organization is saying and doing, from the highest levels on down.  They should be speaking out against incarceration of immigrant children.  They should be speaking out against mainstreaming of hate speech.  They should be speaking out against corruption,  Are they?  If they are not, please take a minute and give them feedback.  Even if you write them an anonymous letter, please do it.  And please talk with your fellow members, even if it’s uncomfortable.  Start now.

Religions Must Speak Out

Take a good look at your church or temple.  Are they they speaking out against fascism?  If not, it’s time to pressure them to change.  More than 600 United Methodist clergy and laypeople have signed a formal complaint against AG Jeff Sessions.  Every religious institution should be doing the same.

Alumni Organizations Must Speak Out and Divest From Corrupt Corporations

Take a look at the alumni fossil fuel divestment toolkit.  It’s set up so that members of alumni associations can pressure those associations to stop investing in the corporations who are enabling corruption and environment harm. Here’s a page describing how NYU Alumni are fighting to get their university to divest.

People and Planet offers a University Fossil Fuel Scorecard.

Is Your Corporation Speaking Out?

If you have an opportunity, it’s time to look at what your company is doing, who it is partnering with.  Salesforce employees were recently in the news for pressuring their CEO to stop working with the American border patrol.  Keep your eyes open, talk with your fellow employees, and give feedback.

Everyone in the country is speaking out against the Trump administration’s actions.  Even the George W. Bush Presidential Center features a focus on how America is strengthened by the contributions made by immigrants.   Speak up and speak to others.  Don’t let these actions be ignored.

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