Join an Indivisible Group in Your Town

Are you familar with the Indivisible organization?  Indivisible was founded by a group of ex-congressional staffers who watched as the Tea Party people rose up against government in 2009/2010, bringing in our current crop of extremists.

Indivisible founders watched as the Tea Party activists worked together to get responses from lawmakers, and then they went out and wrote the Indivisible Guide, which tells the left how to take our government back from a small group of extremists.

The guide tells people how to start a Indivisible organization, right in their home town.  And people have jumped into it. Indivisible is well-organized, supportive, active, and effective.  We highly suggest that you  join or sign up for their updates, right on the front of their website.

If you want to know what this powerful organization is working on this week, simply visit the front page of the Indivisible website.  You’ll see five action items, and clear directions for how you can step in and join them.

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