FIGHT VOTER SUPRESSION! Join VoteRiders to help

As we start 2020, the biggest thing that Democrats need to do is sign up voters.

Vote Riders is a national organization that works hard to  fight voter supression and empower people whose votes are often targeted: low-income, older people, people with disabilities, and voters in Democratic districts.

Voter supression has become shamelessly, and it’s now common for states like Wisconsin and Georgia to throw a quarter million voters off of the rolls.  What an effective way to throw an election!  Not on our watch.

There are several ways to fight this, but working to re-register and educate voters is one of the most effective.  We will all need to work hard to defeat Trump.  Please consider making voting be your cause — it’s a really effective way to spend your time and money.


Here’s information about how to volunteer with VoteRiders.

If you are a 501(c)(3), VoteRiders will send you wallet-sized voter ID information cards for free!

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