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We’re really not finished looking for the best political podcasts, and the search will probably never end.  Before we start listing podcasts, here are some ways to find your own podcasts.

The best political podcasts to help you become a more informed citizen

10 of the best podcasts that will make you smarter about politics.

The 25 best political podcasts for anxious liberals.

That should keep you busy for about a year.  Here are some that have been recommended:

  • Dan Carlin’s Common Sense podcast has its own Reddit discussion channel!  And as they put it: Carlin’s Gen X, non-partisan, neo-prudentist outlook provides a fresh look at the headlines.
  • Preet Bharara, former US attorney who fought corruption, financial fraud, and violent crime, has a podcast about justice and fairness called Stay Tuned.
  • The 538 Podcast is a geekish, number-crunching analysis of what’s going on.
  • Pod Save America is four former aides to President Obama, joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for an energetic, lefty discussion of challenges posed by the Trump presidency.

All of the podcasts mentioned in this article are listed in this microsite.  As we find more, we’ll put them in.  Please email us at if we missed your favorite podcast.

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