Plant Trees and Vote Blue

We’re sick at heart to see the melting glaciers, the dying polar bears, the burned koala bears, and the beautiful giraffes, now facing extinction.

Instead of buying PLASTIC for gifts this year, why not plant trees in someone’s name?

You’re telling them that you love them, that you want the earth to stay alive for them.  And trees are wonderful.

Here are the organizations that we found who plant trees.  Do you know of more?  Please email us at, or you can tweet us at @activism4us.

WeForest works with communities, local organizations, and NGO’s to develop reforestration projects. They measure their activity, develop best practices, and reach out to others.

Grow Ahead does Crowdfunding for one million trees, in local partnership throughout the world.

Arbor Day Foundation supports planing trees all throughout America, in every single town.

Eden Reforestation is another nonprofit working to partner with local communities. By 2025, they are aiming to plant 500 million trees a year, hiring thousands of people in countries where poverty is rampant.

If you’d like to support something closer to home, we suggest using the Charity Navigator to find nonprofits.

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