Get America Registered to Vote!

If you only do one thing this week, please focus on getting people around you registered and prepared to vote.  America needs more voting representation for all of these groups of people.

  • Young voters
  • Female voters
  • Educated voters
  • Black voters
  • Hispanic Voters
  • Asian-American voters
  • All other POC voters
  • LDBTQ voters

Please DONATE to one of the following organizations today. is an online service that helps people register in less than 2 minutes.  Donate Here.

March For our Lives is working to register younger voters.  Please donate to them.

Headcount partners with musicians to register concert-goers. They also run “participation row” social villages at concerts.

Vote Latino works to register latino voters. They registered over 200K latino voters last year, and volunteers are able to create their own local chapters. Donate Here.s an online service that helps people register in less than 2 minutes.

Movement Voter Project focuses on local voter registration.  In particular, the have a Big 5 fund, that focuses on registering voters in the 5 states that decide the 2020 general election: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona. When you Donate, you can choose a fund.

The Voter Participation Center focuses on young people, communities of color, and unmarried women.  Donate Here. 

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