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Contact Congress and Tell Them to Stop Trump

By kitchentableactivism_1 / February 19, 2020

It’s important right now, more than ever, that every one of us flood our elected representatives with feedback, telling them what we want—and what we don’t want.  Remember: they count every phone call and interaction. There are many ways you can contact Congress. You can use the Countable Custom Action Center. You can use the […]


Donate to Unseat The Most Visibly Awful GOP Legislators

By kitchentableactivism_1 / January 18, 2020

The impeachment has shown us a whole batch of GOP legislators who should be voted out.  But how can we remember them? We made this handy-dandy page so you can remember who to send money to.  Blue wave time, everyone! Note: This post just lists the MOST obnoxious GOP off the top of our list.  […]


How Do You Get Rid of a Dictator? It’s Time to Learn

By kitchentableactivism_1 / December 31, 2019

Hello everyone: Since Trump was elected, brilliant people have written advice from many other countries who were beset by fascism and nationalism.  We’ll be putting some of the links onto this page. The first one is a book written by Gene Sharp, who helped citizens resist the Serbian dictator.  It’s called The Citizens Handbook: How […]


Pressure Wall Street to Stop Climate Crisis

By kitchentableactivism_1 / December 21, 2019

Activists are starting to pressure Wall Street to stop funding oil.  It’s a smart move, and you should join. This is a website for people to resist Trump and take over their Democracy again.  But here’s the thing: our climate crisis is so real, and so threatening, that we have to make time for it. […]


FIGHT VOTER SUPRESSION! Join VoteRiders to help

By kitchentableactivism_1 / December 16, 2019

As we start 2020, the biggest thing that Democrats need to do is sign up voters. Vote Riders is a national organization that works hard to  fight voter supression and empower people whose votes are often targeted: low-income, older people, people with disabilities, and voters in Democratic districts. Voter supression has become shamelessly, and it’s […]


Plant Trees and Vote Blue

By kitchentableactivism_1 / December 16, 2019

We’re sick at heart to see the melting glaciers, the dying polar bears, the burned koala bears, and the beautiful giraffes, now facing extinction. Instead of buying PLASTIC for gifts this year, why not plant trees in someone’s name? You’re telling them that you love them, that you want the earth to stay alive for […]


Hey Patriots! Get on the Phone and Talk Blue Wave!

By kitchentableactivism_1 / November 4, 2019

Hello everyone!  We all know that the only way for us to win is to get everyone possible to vote, and vote blue.  We won’t win this battle behind our keyboards. So in addition to writing postcards and canvassing, one of the most effective things to do it to phone your fellow Americans. Please join […]

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