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NBO, or National Bail Out is a black-led and black-centered organization devoted to bailing black mothers out of holding cages. Many women in holding cages are black, and cannot afford bail. This organization steps in to help. In addition to providing bail out support, they provide life-changing supportive services and work with resource groups who are working to change the justice system. Every year, NBO sponsors a mother’s day event: Free Black Mama’s on Mother’s Day, to release black moms from jail. NBO also provides education to teach black mothers political education and political organizing.

NBO has raised over $1.9 million dollars from over 22 thousand individual donors. They have paid more than $989 thousand dollars in bail, and have more than 23 partner organizations. Donate Here. You can also follow the NBO Facebook page, NBO Instagram page, or the NBO Twitter account.

The United States makes up about 5% of the world’s population and has 21% of the world’s prisoners. Prisons are used to oppress and control black communities, and black people are incarcerated more than five times more than white people. Many people who are accused of a crime cannot make bail, so must stay in jail. Here are some statistics to know.

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