Tell Congress to Impeach Bill Barr

Bill Barr, as the United States Attorney General since 2019, is one of the most corrupt individuals we’ve ever seen in office. In this article, two Justice Department attorneys explain some of Barr’s actions that have corrupted the American Department of Justice.

On June 30, Congressman Cohen introduced a measure to start an inquiry into whether the House of Representatives should impeach Attorney General Bill Barr.  The resolution has 35 co-sponsors, listed at the bottom of the article

Here is a link to the Bill Barr Inquiry on Impeachment hearing, on June 24.

What Can You Do?

You can sign an “Impeach Barr” petitions.  Here’s one from Demcast, which has many other great actions on their website.  You can also subscribe to the Demcast newsletter.

Here are members of the Judiciary Committee.  Email or call them and tell them what you think.  Keep pressure on!

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