Donate to Unseat The Most Visibly Awful GOP Legislators

The impeachment has shown us a whole batch of GOP legislators who should be voted out.  But how can we remember them? We made this handy-dandy page so you can remember who to send money to.  Blue wave time, everyone!

Note: This post just lists the MOST obnoxious GOP off the top of our list.  We are not responsible for missing any names! Come on over and add them in the comments!



Jim Jordan – then send money to challenger Shannon Freshour

Elise Stefanik – then send money to challenger Tedra Cobb

Matt Gaetz – then send money to challenger  Phil Ehr

Dan Crenshaw – then send money to challenger  Elisa Cardnell

Devin Nunes – then send money to challenger  Phil Arballo

Lindsay Graham – then send money to challenger  Jaime Harrison

#Moscow Mitch McConnell– then send money to challenger  Amy McGrath

Susan Collins – then send money to challenger  Sara Gideon

Tom Reed – then send money to challenger Tracy Mitrano

John Cornyn – then send money to challenger MJ Hegar

John James – then send money to challenger Gary Peters

Cindy Hyde-Smith – then send money to challenger Mike Espy

Donate to incumbent @DougJones, who is being challenged by Jeff Sessions/Roy Moore

We’re adding one of two Democrats who just joined the 39 Republican Senators and 138 Representatives who asked the Supreme Court to repeal Roe versus Wade in 2020.

Dan Lipinski (D-Ill) — Please send money to challenger Marie Newman – @Marie4Congress

This page is based off of a wonderful, “add-your-own favorite replacement” Twitter thread from the account of @Shossy2. You can check the thread here for more updates, or to add your own candidates.

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