Senator Collins voted for Kavanaugh. Donate to Unseat Her.

Senator Collin’s Maine constituents started a campaign where people could donate money to get Senator Collins defeated if she doesn’t vote against Kavanaugh.¬† Spoiler alert: she didn’t vote against Kavanaugh, but was “concerned.”

Ever since the Kavanaugh nomination in 2018, Collins constituents and other patriots across America have been angered enough to send money to unseat her. Donations are now close to $4 million dollars. If you want to donate, here is the website. Any money that you donate to this website will go to whomever wins the eventual Democratic primary, which has been rescheduled.

In November, 2019, Sara Gideon, the Maine House Speaker  began running as a Democrat against Susan Collins in 2020.  Most of her donations have been from individuals, for $100 or less. She is the leading contender.

You can donate to her campaign here.

If you’re like to donate to unseat other legislators like Collins, see our article here.

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